Syneren Launches CMMC Assessment, Compliance and Audit Tracking Tool for Defense Industrial Base

Syneren Technologies Corporation, a leading service provider of secure cloud IT solutions, has launched a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) tool for helping the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) comply with the latest DOD government and regulatory standards and achieve ‘cyber hygiene’.

Syneren tool is called CMMC Automator.

The Department of Defense’s new standard called the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification will replace NIST 800-171 on all DoD RFIs and RFPs in the near future. The CMMC contains five levels, ranging from basic hygiene to advanced. CMMC will require companies to obtain external certification. External audits  will be conducted by an authorized auditing entity. 


If you are a small, medium.or large business that works for DOD, CMMC Automator will help you and your internal teams to conduct self-assessment, identify deficiencies, address the deficiencies and get prepared for your external audit. 


If you are an external auditor, CMMC Automator will help you 'conduct and track audits' on companies while keeping each company's data secure.

CMMC Automator”  will help DIB clients comply, get certified and track their audit results with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification and the associated Defense Federal Regulation Supplement.

CMMC Automator also helps auditors and agencies conduct and track the audit results for each organization.

Key features:

  1. Self-assessments

  2. Deficiency tracking

  3. Formal Audits

  4. Audit tracking


CMMC Automator helps small, medium and large organizations prepare and comply with CMMC audits that are scheduled to be conducted every three years.

CMMC Automator provides secure, online, web-based interface into which users can input their organization data and conduct self-assessments and auditors can conduct audits. The tool thereby provides complete transparency to all stakeholders. It provides a downloadable report to the user and the auditor at the end of the audit and identifies where there is compliance and where there are deficiencies.

CMMC Automator provides explanations and guidance for all CMMC Version 1's 171 practices and 5 processes.

Using CMMC Auditor, a federal Government agency can effortlessly search for each organization and their level of CMMC certification.

Interested DIB organizations and auditors or agencies can request demos and request quotes by emailing cmmc@syneren.com.

CMMC Automator is available for purchase by contacting cmmc@syneren.com. Please include “CMMC Automator” in subject line of your email.

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